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"This is a terrific book! Every one of these tactics is profitable and something you can either do or start right away. Jeanette has taken all the mystery (and baloney!) out of what it takes to succeed in business on the Internet. Everyone I know could find tactics in this book that they're not currently using, and benefit by implementing them -- and that includes me!"

David Garfinkel, Author
"Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich"

Dear Business Owner,

Are you searching for proven strategies that will drive more traffic to your website? And do you want to explode your sales and build an unsahkable online reputation? If so Online $uccess Tactics will easily and effortlessly teach you how to make your small business an Internet success!

What is Online Success? Online Success is defined differently by every business. But it generally consists of three dimensions:

  • Sales
  • Visibility
  • Service and Support

And that's what you'll find in Online Success Tactics! Each section has tactics designed to increase your performance in that dimension, arranged in a simple-to-follow order. That makes it easy for you to know where to start.

Plus...I've added a section just for you - the business owner. In this special section you'll find tactics to help you build your expertise, even as you're building the business.

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So why is this book different?

First, it offers 100 ways you can build your business - but every tactic is restricted to one page or less! That means you can pick up the book, read just one tactic, then go on with your day. It makes each tactic easy to read and easy to digest.

Second, it offers a glossary and an index. So it is easy to look up anything you don't immediately understand. Plus you can find it again - when you need it!

For example, you can

  • Offer samples of your products and services (Tactic #4)
  • Send a postcard (Tactic #30)
  • Think in layers (Tactic #13)
  • Maintain a database (Tactic #58)
  • Wear your URL (Tactic #23)
  • Attend conferences and seminars (Tactic #92)

...all without adding any technology or requiring any new web pages!

Finally, this book is web-enhanced™. That means that 44 of the 100 tactics have more information you can look at on the special website for the book. On those pages, you'll find articles that tell you more about the tactic, sometimes a lesson or course you can take, plus resources you can use or refer your web designer to for more information.

"Awesome book! I couldn't put it down! Online $uccess Tactics cuts through the hype and provides well-organized, easy to follow, bite sized tasks for building your online business. It's an easy, pleasurable read with lots of real-world examples. The companion web site is also a fabulous idea for keeping the content relevant. I'm looking forward to adding Jeanette's tactics to our 2002 online marketing plan for Small Biz Tech Talk."

Joshua Feinberg, MCSE
Small Business Technology Expert


Is this book written for my busines?

Absolutely! If you're in a small business with less than 100 employees and a website that isn't doing all it could, you are the ideal reader for this book. Even if you're the only employee, you can immediately apply winning tactics from this book! Here are just a few you can start using today!

  • Join affiliate programs (Tactic #7)
  • Sell with your business card (Tactic #28)
  • Collect what you like (Tactic #94)
  • Send clippings (Tactic #72)
  • Ask for information (Tactic #19)

To get your copy of the book, click here and complete the order form. You'll be able to download the electronic version of the book within minutes!

I challenge you to apply ten of these tactics and not increase your level of online success. In fact, I believe so strongly in these tactics that I'll be glad to refund your purchase price if you're not successful!


No one knows your business better than you!

Your web designer may know more about how to create web pages. And your technical manager may know more about how to make your computers work. But you are the one who knows the customers. You know what is important to them. And you know what turns them off. You know how to sell your business. All you need is some background knowledge on how to apply your expertise to the web.

That's the purpose of this book. You will read one of the tactics and see if it makes sense for your business. If it does, you can ask your technical and web staff to "make it so!" If it isn't a good business move for you at this time, you can skip that tactic and go on to apply others.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you gain confidence in making decisions about your online business. Within a few days you'll begin to recognize tactics other sites are using and start thinking about how you can adapt them to your business. You'll put your online business into the category of "Under Control"

"Stuck for a new idea on how to promote your business? You'll find dozens of worthwile ideas in this book! It is a virtual checklist of marketing strategies and opportunities!"

Dan Janal, Founder

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7 Secrets to
Online $uccess

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Thank you for being a part of Online $uccess!

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